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Can FenceMender be used for any wood post?

Yes, provided the post is between 3.5 inch and 4.0 inches. Examples are fence posts, mail box posts, birdhouse posts and anything else which uses the aforementioned sized wood posts.

Do any stores in Canada carry the FenceMender or FenceXtender?

No, Currently we are available, and ship only, within the continental U.S.

Do you have a product for a 6" x 6" post?

No, our product can accommodate up to 4” posts.



Are FenceMenders sold in package quantities of one or two?

One purchased FenceMender unit contains
two pieces which repair one post. These two pieces are labeled “Left” and “Right” and secure around the post locking the post in place. Purchase one FenceMender unit for one post. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to install a FenceMender on every post along your fence line; we recommend installing one on every other post.



When will my ordered items arrive?

All orders are shipped via FedEx Ground within 5-10 days of ordering. Although we cannot guarantee an exact arrival day; based on the standard it is about four-five days shipping east of the Mississippi, and sooner shipping west of the Mississippi.



Can FenceMender be installed on a 2” X 4” post?

Yes, only one half of the FenceMender would be used to repair the post, as a result one FenceMender unit could be used for two 2”x4” posts


Is it necessary to hire someone to install my FenceMender?

No, our products are designed to be installed quickly and easily. Our greatest feedback was from 76 year old woman who wrote that she installed one on her own and appreciated the ease of it.

If the fence post is broken off at the cement base, is it possible to use FenceMender?

Yes, as long as there is wiggle room between the post and the cement hole, drive the FenceMender in as instructed then secure it to the post with nail in order to extend the life of the broken post.


Should the fence be pulled straight before installing FenceMender or will it "re-right" the fence as it is being installed?

It is suggested that someone hold the fence straight during FenceMender installation to ensure proper fitting of the product.

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