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“Thank you for an incredible product and an affordable alternative to post replacement.  I ordered 6 of your 3.5" FenceMenders for a fence that is about to fall down”- South Dakota


“I checked the other houses and did find the product on the next block.

Also I already installed it last night and extremely happy that I choose fence mender to be installed, what an easy, stable and quick fix. Thanks”


“I don't typically write to manufacturers about their products but, I felt that I would write and thank you for a product that saved me days of work. I had six cedar posts set in concrete that were rotted. I was planning on a several-day repair when I spotted your product online and decided to give it a try. Several hours later... I had six posts that felt as new. You have a great product!”- Illinois


“I bought and used several FenceMenders over 17 years ago when I lived in San Jose, CA. FenceMender is a great product that saved my back several times.”- Illinois

“My neighbors and I have used your product with much success.”- California

“I have to admit that when I first found out about your product on line I
was very skeptical. This past winter in some high winds a 20 foot section
of my 6 foot high fence blew over and several posts snapped off at ground
level were the posts meet the concrete. I searched on the internet for
options on how I could repair this without having to dig out all of the
concrete and reset new posts. That is when I ran across your product. As I
first stated I was very skeptical but I figured it was worth a try for
what they cost and what my only other option was.
I ordered a set of 6 and the product arrived approx a week later. It took
me around 4 hours total to completely repair and upright the fence.
I am really thankful for your product and how well it worked!”- Indiana

“I wanted to start by saying I purchased one of your fence mender's, to try it out and I have to say, "I LOVE IT!!!" So I purchased 3 more to finish fixing my fence. Thank-you for making such a great product.”- Virginia

“I received the FenceMender.  You have a terrific product.  Once I removed the boards, it was a 15 -20 minute job.  The post is a sturdy as it was when new.  Sure beats replacement which I had performed on two other posts with several hours labor and a sore back!”- Ohio

“How can I tell you how awesome this product works? The whole operation took about 15 minutes to install. I tried the sample promotional offer and now I am buying more.
Thanks FenceMender!”- Indiana

“I just wanted to tell you we have installed all of the Fence Mender brackets and we are amazed at how sturdy our fence is now. We actually had a section go completely down in a storm and was able to re-install it using just the Fence Menders (although it's ultra sturdy and should last quite some time we will eventually replace with a new post; we're thrilled the Fence Mender has bought us some additional time until such a repair can be done). We plan on adding the Fence Menders to all our posts over time. Your product is amazing and be couldn't be more pleased that the Fence Mender does exactly what you claim it can do for weak wood fences. Lastly, the other incredible thing is that it took minutes to install! It I will recommend it to anyone I know is in need of this type of fence repair. Thank you for offering such a great product!!”- Indiana













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